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Custom and Specialty trips available upon request! All trips have a 6 person minimum and advanced reservations are required.

Knotts Island

This trip begins on the eastern side of Knotts Island. We begin by paddling across Knotts Island Bay and exploring the marsh along the barrier peninsula where the waterway cuts inland, deep into the maritime forest. The forest is unique to this location and the wildlife is plentiful. We have lunch on the barrier peninsula and then return to Knotts Island after weaving our way through the marshes. 8 hour trip available only.

Merchants Mill Pond

We have recently added an all day trip to Merchants Mill Pond in North Carolina. It is a classic example of the Dismal Swamp and is an even better representation than the actual refuge. Unlike the Dismal Swamp Refuge it has not been drained. We don't get the awe of seeing wonderful Lake Drummond but do get more of that romantic and eerie feel of the true Swamp. We don't advise going here at night. The Dismal Swamp and Knotts Island trips have become as popular as our Eastern Shore trips. Make your reservations soon! 8 hour available only.

Dismal Swamp/NWR

We launch from Bob’s Fishing Hole and weave our way up the Northwest River into the Dismal Swamp. This is a classic southeastern swamp with full-grown Cypress forests, ferns and cattails. We will hear and maybe see Prothonotary Warblers, which can be prolific in the swamp in spring and fall migrations. We continue up river until we cannot go any further and we are deep in the Swamp in a creek barely wide enough to hold a kayak.

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