First Landing State Park

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First Landing State Park has the highest concentration of Osprey in the area and 2 or 3 pair of resident Bald Eagles. Seeing Eagles is only occasional but there are 6 to 8 Osprey nests along the 3-mile route we take, some are easily visible. You will not get a closer look at a wild raptor without binoculars. We launch from deep in the Park at a location that is not easy to find, so please follow the directions in our confirmation. We paddle above the sand flats of Broad Bay which are the Southeast border of the Park. We are well protected here from any of the strong winds that we occasionally get out of the Northeast.


We almost always see Osprey, we often see Egrets, Heron’s, Red Winged Black Birds or a Belted Kingfisher and sometimes one of the resident Bald Eagles or their young. Dolphins and Rays can sometimes be seen here. The shoreline is alternating salt marsh and small sand beaches with a maritime forest in the background. At one point the remains of a once primary ocean front dune still reach 40 feet tall. If the tides are right we can paddle into White Hill Lake where we can see an ancient dead forest around the Lake. We often stop along one of the many beaches to swim, watch fiddler crabs if the tides are low and usually see minnow before returning to our original launch site.

Spring: Birds are prolific this time of year and very active building nests or watching eggs. Ospreys arrive and begin rebuilding last year’s nest. More Egrets and Herons come into the area. A Belted Kingfisher or two may be around. Red-winged Black Birds will begin arriving. Migratory song birds pass through on their way to nest up North. On warm days we may swim from one of the many little beaches we see along the way.


Summer: In early summer the young Osprey will be large enough to see the top of their heads in the nest and flying later in the summer. The Snowy and Great Egrets, Great Blue Herons as well as Common and Royal Terns are more frequent now. We will almost always go swimming when we stop at a beach.


Fall: Eagles, Osprey, Herons, Egrets and Terns will remain through October but we will see less of them since they will venture further from their nests in search of fool and no longer need to look after young so frequently. Blue-winged and Green-winged Teals can be seen on the open water, American Bittern in the salt marshes and Plovers and Sandpipers along the beaches.

"Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had on the kayaking adventure.  The guides, Laurie 1 and Laurie 2, were wonderful, attentive, and fun to be with!!    Gail, Lorraine and I, had a great time.... the lagoon was awesome.....Gail and Laurie got to see an Eagle and we got to see Osprey and Egrets and a Baltimore was a great experience!!!"
        --PAT D.C.

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