Kayaked Broad Bay off First Landing State Park as a birthday gift. Tour guides were very knowledgeable and helpful. As a local to this area, would recommend this for vacationers and to locals as well! We had a great time.

Jennifer M., Trip Advisor

Would totally recommend this trip! Only my second time in a kayak and it was lots of fun. "Crashed" on the way in - in only about six inches of water, so not a big deal. It was great to be out on the ocean, rolling in the waves. I've had some issues with motion sickness before, but didn't feel anything - especially helped to be rowing and moving forward. Zack and CJ were great guides and very helpful. I guess there weren't quite as many dolphins as usual, but we were very happy with what we saw. Still lots. We both saw a dolphin leap out of the water, which is always a thrill. Would definitely do again.

Susan W.

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